Water Bottle Holder Add On

Water Bottle Holder Add On

Solve Your Water Bottle Dilemma with the Mazie Mini Backpack Water Bottle Holder Add On!

Does your water bottle fall out of pockets or tip over inside your backpack? In this tutorial, I show you an easy fix!

Here's what you need:

  • 2" waistband elastic- I found mine on Amazon but I'm sure it can be found in lots of other places.
  • Mazie backpack pattern/supplies

No, seriously, that's it! See...I told you it would be easy!

Now let's get started! You will sew your Mazie as written through step 34. At this point, you will cut your elastic. I cut mine at 5½" and it was the perfect fit for my bottle, but adjust it as needed to fit your bottle. Baste both sides of the elastic to the lining side of your gusset. Placement is personal preference, but I liked the looks of it about 1" below the seam.


After you baste it in place, continue with the pattern as written.  I wasn't lying...it's a ridiculously easy hack with a big impact!



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