Clara Card Holder Tutorial

Clara Card Holder Tutorial

Clara Card Holder


Clara is a super quick sew that is perfect for an adorable gift! The pockets are made of waistband elastic so they hold your cards in snuggly.

What you will need:

  • vinyl: 1 piece- 5 ½” wide x 3 ⅞” high
  • (optional) heat transfer vinyl for back of main piece
  • 2” waistband elastic: 2 pieces-4” each
  • ⅛” double sided tape
  • Edge coat or mod podge to seal the raw edges
  • Lighter


  1. Optional: Apply heat transfer vinyl to the back side of your vinyl. 
  2. Round all 4 corners. I use a template but you can use anything curved you have handy!
  3. Add some pieces of ⅛” double sided tape to both sides where your elastic pockets will be.
  4. Stick your pieces of elastic on each side, to create 2 card pockets. *you should have a little overhang.*
  5. Stitch at ⅛”  all the way around the exterior.
  6. Trim the elastic to match the vinyl. And run a lighter around the cut edges of the elastic, to help prevent fraying.
  7. Stitch a line down the center to help force a natural fold. You can also hold it with clips until it naturally stays closed.
  8. You need to finish the edges, just to keep the elastic from fraying.  I will be edge painting mine, but if you don’t have edge paint, you can use a little mod podge or fabric glue along the outside edges of the elastic.

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