Creating a long strap when your material is too short!

Creating a long strap when your material is too short!

Do you ever struggle to find a long enough piece of fabric or vinyl to create those long crossbody straps?  I like my straps to be made from the material I am using but sometimes there just isn't enough. In today's blog post, I show you a way to piece shorter strips together...without adding a ton of bulk!


Yes, you can technically just sew pieces together with a straight if that makes your life easier, Go For It!  But just be aware that those seams will be thick when you topstitch over them.  The technique I'm going to show you will spread the bulk out so you don't hit it all at once with that final topstitch.

Start by taking 2 strips and placing the ends right sides together, as shown in this photo.  I like to draw a diagonal line from the top corner of the bottom piece to the bottom corner of the top piece. Stitch across that line.


Now, trim off that corner. Cut close to the stitching but not too close.    


Fold the top piece down and flatten out your seam. You can even topstitch it if you choose to.


From this point, you can finish the strap according to pattern instructions. With the seam being on the diagonal, it will end up in different spots once the strap is all folded up.



I know this was a super short and easy tutorial, but it really is that easy to make something look professional...and to save yourself a few headaches!

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