Cecilia is the newest in my lineup of pdf patterns. This one is such a simple sew, but it is beautiful and the perfect thing to pull you out of a sewing rut! It is a great size to throw in your purse or to pack while traveling! Cecilia also makes a great gift...add some body products, candy, Legos or anything else you can think of, for a fun and thoughtful gift! Purchase your copy of Cecilia HERE.

You can easily sew this in about 30 minutes...awesome for people like me that wait until the last minute to make a gift!  Plus, it's a really great use of scraps!

The zipper has a tab on only one end, leaving the other end free to open wide! This makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for!

Do you want even more help sewing up this cutie?

I have teamed up with Sonia Estep Designs to bring you a sewing course for my patterns. They are loaded with information to help you complete my patterns, plus lots of fun bonuses!!!  The course for Cecilia is being offered free(for a limited time), so that you can get a sampling of all we offer...including a live Sew-A-Long and a live q&a!

Find out more and "buy" your FREE course HERE.

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