H2o 2go Pocket hack

I love the H2o 2go Water Bottle Sling from Linds Handmade…I mean, seriously, how beautiful is this bag?!!! https://www.lindshandmade.com/product-page/h20-2go-sling-pdf-sewing-pattern-waterbottle-holder-beverage-purse-linds-hand

But sometimes a girl just needs a quicker sew! I still wanted to have a pocket so I put my thinking cap on and came up with the zipper pocket hack! And because so many of you have also asked how I do the rounded base, I will show you that too! For this hack we only need the pattern pieces for the lining, base and stabilizer. You will use the lining piece for your waterproof canvas and your main fabric plus interfacing for the outer, cut two of the round base (I like to use waterproof canvas inside and out), peltex for the stabilizer piece plus two pieces of interfacing, your strap and strap tabs according to the pattern, and a piece of woven for the pocket lining 8.5″ x 10″ with interfacing the same size.

To make the zipper pocket, take your outside piece and fold it in half to find the center. Mark at the top and bottom. I also like to place a clip at both marks so I make sure to line my pocket up properly. Set this aside for a minute.

Now, take your pocket lining piece. Fold it in half to find the center and mark. Measure down 1″ from the top and draw a 7″ line, then move down 1/2″ and draw another 7″ line. Connect the ends to make a rectangle that is 7″ x 1/2″.

Grab your main piece and lay it right side up on your table. Then take the pocket lining piece and lay right side down on top of the main. Place the top edge of your lining along the center markings on your main…this is where the clips come in handy! Pin it in place and sew around the rectangle.

Next we will cut! You want to clip right up to the stitching in the corners but do not snip through…you won’t like yourself very much!!! I draw a triangle at both sides, fold it in half and cut the first triangle with the smallest scissors I can find. Then switch to regular scissors to cut the straight line, then back to the small scissors for the other triangle.

After you have cut it carefully, pull the lining through to the back, and press it flat…I just finger press it but someone who is not lazy would probably suggest using your iron! LOL Tip: I use a small piece of hem tape to hold the top edge down while I am adding the zipper

To attach the zipper, you can use pins but I highly recommend hem tape. The tape allows you to move the zipper easily if you need to, so it ends up perfectly straight. I use hem tape so this is how I am going to show you. Place a piece of hem tape on each side of the zipper opening, pull off the paper and lay your zipper face down (make sure the pull is at the top! Press it down, then flip it over and adjust from the front if needed. Topstitch around the entire rectangle. Tip: I use my zipper foot so I can get close to the zipper.

Open zipper half way!

Flip to the back side and trim your zipper ends. Then you will fold the pocket up and clip around the edges.

Sew around the three open sides of the pocket. Clip your corners and trim the top and bottom edges…this step will make your life easier when you are putting the bag together!

Fold your main piece in half and sew down the open side.

Your zipper pocket is done!!! You can follow along with the pattern to finish constructing the bag!!! But if you want to see how I attach my bases keep reading!

I like to use Peltex for my base stabilizer, but I sandwich it between two pieces of interfacing first. Make the interfacing bigger than the peltex so you can sew it in. After you sew it to your outside bottom piece, trim it.

Now you want to mark 4 equal spots on the base and the main piece.

Match up the 4 marks on the base and main. Clip in place. Then clip a section at a time until you have it clipped all the way around.

Sewing it is the hard part, but if you take it slow I promise it will work out beautifully! Keep the edge of your foot along the edge of the base, go slow and try to keep your base flat! After you finish sewing, carefully make small clips around the canvas…I don’t worry too much about the fabric because it will push out of the way but the canvas is stiff and won’t look as nice from the outside.

Turn it right side out and admire your work! Repeat with the lining. Finish your bag per the pattern instructions!

This pocket fits my Iphone and my older Samsung, however, I don’t have a bigger phone to test it out. My phone fits with a bit of extra room for my other necessities!

I hope this tutorial was super helpful! Thank you for being here!

Happy Sewing! ~Christy~

26 thoughts on “H2o 2go Pocket hack

  1. Where do you purchase your canvas?
    Also a quick fyi the iPhone 12 won’t fit with a case on it. I think I may try just doing a slip pocket.


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